10 essential features you should look into before subscribing to a dental software

So, are you looking for a dental software for your practice? First off, great job on choosing to make your dental practice go digital! Now, let’s come to the harder part – selecting the right dental software. After all, with so many options available in the market, taking your pick can get a little tough. In that case, you need to turn your attention to the features of the dental software. Does the software you are considering have these ten features?

1. Scheduling appointments

You need to be able to manage your entire patient schedule from the application. As such, the software should make it easy for you to set appointments, reschedule patients, find the available time slots, and so on.

2. Entering payment information

You should get to enter billing and payment details directly in that application. It also helps if the software allows you to keep reminders about the upcoming treatment payments.

3. Management of claims

The software has to help you with the handling and management of different insurance claims. The best software will let you send those claims automatically. Thus, it is easier for the dentists to forward claims regarding the dental insurances right after the treatment.

4. Sending reminders to patients

It would really help if the software has an option to remind your patients about their upcoming appointments through text messages, WhatsApp, phone calls, or email. It is a feature that can act like a lifesaver for any dental practice. So, it would help if you can check if your chosen software has this feature or not.

5. Keeping track of the referrals

You would want to know who referred the patient to you and whether the patient was referred to you by another specialist or dentist. A good software will let you keep track of the referrals in the application. After all, maybe one day, you can return the favor back by referring your patient to them.

6. Printed patient statements

The software needs to have the feature that makes printed and electronic statements of treatment and other details. It would help the patient and also earn you brownie points if you can mail all the details to the patient regarding their treatment costs and payment status. It will help save you both from monetary disputes in future.

7. Periodontal and patient charts

There has to be a clear periodontal chart for easier pictorial assessment of the teeth and its surrounding periodontium. All dental practice management software needs to have a proper system to view, maintain, and create charts that give a basic overview of the treatment schedule.

8. Planning the course of treatment

You need a module for maintaining the complete records of future planning and strategies related to the treatment, along with drug history, medical history, and other details. It is highly essential.

9. A prescription record keeper

You need a prescription writer that lets you track and keep record of patient prescriptions. Many applications will also let you send the prescriptions directly to the patients. This is one more thing that is essential for medical and legal reasons.

10. Patient consent form

Dental practice management software needs to offer a patient consent form that can be edited as per the needs of the treatment. This form has to be both printable and come with the feature to record the e-signature of the patient. Since consent forms are important in dentistry, this is an essential feature to consider.

The endnote

If you get these features in dental software, you can be assured that you have made the right choice. Go ahead and install the software!

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