3 Key Elements of a Successful Product Design

Most consumers think that their shopping patterns are based on practicality, but this is not the case. When you are making any purchase, your subconscious plays a significant role. Once a consumer enters a physical store or goes browsing on an e-commerce site, they are presented with several choices. The decision to pick the product from a particular brand and not the other is made within a split second. A great packaging design should appeal to the customers, convincing them that they have made the right purchase.

At the same time, the design should appeal to consumers’ preferences, culture, and emotions. Meeting all these requirements might seem complicated, but it might be the difference between having a best-selling product or one that sits languishing on the shelves. When launching or rebranding a product, these are some key elements that make a packaging design great.

  1. Simplicity 

The packaging should be simple and clear for your product to stand out on a supermarket shelf. Still, it should be distinct such that it is memorable to the consumers. It should be apparent to buyers what purpose your product serves and what brand it is. Amazingly, most brands don’t have this basic information displayed, which causes the average consumer to go with brands instead. For instance, you might come across brands that list the benefits of a particular product on the packaging without indicating the actual brand name.

Sometimes, the packaging might send a conflicting message, such as a disinfectant whose packaging resembles fruit juice packages. Although some categories leave room for some mystery, a straightforward design will predispose consumers towards your product as they won’t have to take more than a few seconds to figure out what it is that they’re purchasing.

  1. Authenticity

If you want your product to sell, it needs character and originality, making it memorable to the target market. Authenticity is crucial as there are at least hundreds of similar products out in the market, and they are all competing to capture the consumer’s attention. Therefore, the only way to have a successful product is to be authentic. There isn’t a single tried and true strategy to make your product unique.

 It is more a matter of creativity and exploring what will work best for you. Just ensure that you don’t go with a generic packaging design. You can also stray from the pack, such as using illustrations in a category where most brands choose product photography. Look to unexpected places for inspiration and strive to be bold and different.

  1. Practicality

This refers to the actual functionality, shape, and size of the product container in addition to the wrap. The more practical your product is, the more sales you will make. Don’t overlook this just because you want to go with the traditional design as you miss out on the opportunity to be innovative with your product. When creating a new product design, consider making it easier to store, use or carry.

Packaging design is an ever-evolving and demanding field. Brands from all over the world are always looking for professionals to deliver designs that will improve their sales and product performance. These three tips will give you a head start against competitors.

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