5 Cloud Computing Careers of the Future

This key area of computing is going to see massive growth in the coming years. Are you onboard?

Cloud computing has come a long way in the last few years. It has grown alongside the development of the internet, evolving from our ability to send and receive data in digital form. Gone are the days of having onsite data storage towers that take up rooms of space in HQ. Cloud makes the world of business related data storage simple, seamless, and cost effective.

5 Cloud Computing Careers to Train for Right Now

With cloud computing jobs being the career choice of the future, where should we be training to unlock better skills for a brighter future? Here are the 5 best cloud computing jobs career paths to choose from, right now.

1 – Automation engineering

Business automation is boosting companies’ production as it is. In the next few years, more and more automated processes are going to emerge, leading to a world where businesses can streamline overheads down to the finest minor detail. Automation engineers are the ones that are going to be making this happen, and most of them will be doing it through the cloud.

2 – Cloud Security Specialist

Those with a knack for cyber security will love the chance to operate as remote or onsite cloud security specialists. These whizz-kids spend their time ensuring that all the technical aspects of your business and software that run online are secure against outside influence. A cloud security specialist works closely with the cloud web architect to ensure projects are secure before their completion.

3 – Cloud Web Architect

While the security specialist oversees the safety of data held and shared on the cloud by an organisation, the architect is the one who devises the software and programming which will be needed to roll out any cloud based business processes. While one arm plans and operates the business’s interactions through the cloud, the other secures them. You often don’t find one without the other. If you can train to do both then you will be indispensable.

4 – Cloud Data Scientist

Humanity has passed the point where we are able to process all the information that we receive via computers. Instead, we need to hire big data scientists to retrieve what we need from the masses. These innovative engineers devise the processes by which we sort out the masses of data and find what we are looking for. Without them, search engines would be a lot less effective than they are.

5 – Cloud consultant

With the world trending towards freelance and gig economy work as it is now, it’s fairly safe to say that consulting work is going to be a huge growth area. If you can advise companies on how to enrol cloud architecture, how to ensure data safety, or how to mine the data that they need, then you can do so on a freelance consulting basis. This should make you a good salary and allows you to take charge of your own future.

Train for Cloud Computing

Training for cloud computing right now will help us to secure better work in future. It’s just good common sense.

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