5 Tech Careers of the Future

Want a new role in tech or IT? Here are 5 jobs you should retrain for, today.

The role of an information technician is never an easy one. You have to answer multiple calls per day and remind people to try restarting their machines. You spend your time devising excellent IT solutions to business problems only to roll out systems and find that the first person to use it somehow manages to muck the whole thing up completely. It’s not easy being an IT specialist. That’s why you ought to think about specialisations for those skills of yours.

Below are five different tech careers that will let you use your power for good before one more phone call from Karen in accounting puts you over the edge. Listen closely, take our advice, and find yourself a career you can get your teeth into.

The 5 Tech Careers to Watch Out For

Here are 5 careers to think about before you throw that computer out the window.

1 – The Business Analyst

Business Analyst Jobs are thick on the market right now and with good reason. Those who can look at the data businesses produce and turn it into useful information, are those that will always find a place in the corporate world. The role of a business analyst involves applying what you know about data analytics to the business world. These are the corporate figureheads of the computing world.

2 – The Data Scientist

Data Scientists are one step farther ahead than a business analyst is. They are looking at processing the data and using it to provide solutions for the business, which they often build themselves. These are the people that source the programs that the business analysts will use to create solutions. They can present facts and figures in a neat graph, retrieve the data needed to fill the graph, and then give you the software application that will fix the problem you never knew you had. Think of them like the wizards of computing.

3 – The Cyber Security Expert

The more tech advances and evolves, the greater our reliance on cyber security analysts to keep everything safe. Data protection acts place the onus of customer data safety on the company, rather than on the hackers who might steal it. Your business needs full compliance in the eyes of the law. Thus, a good cyber security expert will never be out of work. They are the bouncers of the cyber world. They help businesses keep out the riff raff.

4 – The Web Developer

It’s well-established fact that we all need web developers, all the time. Around 175 new websites go live every minute across the globe. Although not all of those will require an expert, a good percentage of them will eventually need a web developer. That’s 100 chances to make rent every minute. You can’t shoot and miss with this one unless you are truly awful at your job. These are the stylists of the digital landscape.

5 – Computer Research Scientist

Lastly, we have the frontiers folk of the digital world. The research scientists who spend their days facing the great misunderstood computing questions and thinking up excuses to get around them. They are the ones who are leading the digital revolution. We reserve this role for only the most skilled of all.

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