Advantages of Modular Classrooms

When you need additional space in your school, and it needs to be scaled up quickly, modular classrooms are an excellent alternative. They’ll save you tons of money compared to buying a new building because they can be assembled quickly and easily without much time or skill.

Modular classrooms are portable and can provide the same level of education with more flexibility. This is an excellent option for teachers looking to increase their presence on the internet and provide a broader range of opportunities for people worldwide. We don’t hire in-house contractors to build out the buildings. Instead, they come pre-built and are shipped to the site. As a result, most construction only takes a day or two. This minimises disruption on campus. You can use this system for anything from an extra classroom to a building block.

You might not think of portable cabins as anything special except in industrial settings. But they can also be clad in excellent finishes and designed to look great among the buildings around them.

A Flexible and Versatile Solution

Today’s modular classroom is constructed to meet the requirements of the most exacting educational establishments and meet standards that exceed local authorities’ requirements. It is available in various sizes and floor plans and is equipped with all the required infrastructure, including electrics, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, blackboards and whiteboards.

We can provide modular classrooms with specialised facilities such as laboratories, playrooms and activity rooms.

When Might Modular Classrooms be Used?

Modular classrooms are a temporary solution used while building work or refurbishment occurs on the leading site or to house classrooms while new facilities are being constructed. They’re built to a high-quality standard and offer plenty of space for both staff & students. Designers are looking for a more sustainable and cheaper way to create housing solutions.

Don’t Forget the Refurbished Modular Classroom.

If you’re not in a well-funded position, we also have refurbished modular classrooms for sale at a great price. Refurbishment is carried out to a very high standard: all electrics and lighting will be better than new, and any flooring, ceilings or wall finishes will be beautifully redone. In addition, re-using a recycled property can help protect the environment because it reduces the number of resources needed and the subsequent emissions released into the atmosphere.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your school with a modular classroom, contact Portable Facilities. They specialise in modular buildings and will be able to provide something suitable for you.

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