AI email assistant in sales

Are you tired of coming up with the new and effective cold email templates for your campaigns? Do you think sending the same emails over and over again hurt your reply rates? Does every sales email you send sound like it was written by a robot?

There’s a solution to your problems. The use of AI in sales has brought to existence the new software category to help you out with mundane tasks that whoever require a “human” touch.

These are AI-enabled smart assistants that can write and send sales emails for you and sort through your inbox to spot the best opportunities based on the message.

Here’s how it works in more detail.

Sales Email Assistant by

There are various types of AI sales assistants that can set reminders or automatically follow up with prospects on your behalf, book meetings and even manage your calendar. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to follow up or missing an appointment again!

Yet, there’s an email assistant that can manage more challenging tasks thanks to advanced AI capabilities.

The tool helps you automatically generate unique email templates based on the provided outline, bullet points with the necessary info, or even the previous messages in the thread (for follow-ups). So if you don’t have to struggle with the writer’s block or send the same templates again and again. The Email Assistant will automate your sales emails while making them sound human and personalized.

It’s just like having a personal assistant who’s always there for you, except without the cost or the emotional toll.

And because the Email Assistant is AI-powered, it does more than just send emails: 

  • It checks the written template against a number of parameters and gives you the hints on how to optimize it for maximum performance.
  • Since the Assistant is integrated into the io sales engagement platform, you can also instantly apply the generated emails in your outreach campaigns.
  • Once the replies start trickle in, it will also sort the incoming emails based on the intent, highlighting the positive replies so you can focus on them first of all.

As a result, this tool will not just make your life easier, but also increase response rates and make sure that every prospect feels like they’re being contacted personally. And you can spend more time interacting with engaged buyers than you would otherwise be able to — and that means more sales.

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