Backup & Disaster Recovery: Why Both Are Critical To Your Data Safety

Backups are critical for restoring vital data in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, for businesses, there are many avenues of emergency. From cybercrime to human error and everything outside and between there are many ways your sensitive information is at risk.

However, when it comes to businesses restoring their information, backups are actually quite limited – enter the disaster recovery process. This is a full plan of action in the event of a data compromise, with the aim of keeping your operation up and running despite the data drama.

But to be fully effective the solutions must work in unison and this means your business needs both backup and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Let’s find out why you need the best backup and disaster recovery Sydney has below:

But first, what is a backup?

This is simply the process of creating data copies and storing it at a different location to ensure its easy restoration in the event of an emergency. The data has to be easily retrievable for fast access to ensure that there is little downtime from infrastructure or system failure. This easy access can be created in various ways: cloud storage, external drive storage, remote data centres and more!

Through backing up your data, you will ensure that your individual employee device and file systems are completely covered in the event of an emergency. However, they are quite limited in the grand scheme of an emergency, as it isn’t suitable to copy your entire system infrastructure especially given that this is a massive process.

This is where its partner process enters the fray to ensure everything is up-and-running to the highest capacity.

Now, what is disaster recovery?

This is seen as a far more complex process that is undertaken to ensure that there’s a data protection plan in the event of an emergency. A lot more goes into your data’s comprehensive protection than simply duplicating it and this is why it’s important to enlist a professional team who can implement a strategy on your business’s behalf.

This process is designed to cover all organisational bases to ensure that your operation is able to continue running at full capacity in the event of an emergency. This involves the planning, method of storage and response in the event of an emergency.

Why your Sydney business needs both solutions


Both processes are essential for any modern business that is serious about data protection. Data copies are vital for individuals working with the business as they can retrieve information in the event of emergency or if their files become inaccessible. This covers data corruption, device damage or any other event that could compromise the individual’s organisational data. This is a very simple process that can be tackled by administrators in no time!

Disaster recovery is a business-wide process designed to ensure that there’s a plan in place for any system failure that could otherwise threaten your business’s livelihood. It’s for this reason why this process is essential to your business and its ability to securely store both staff and client information.

One can’t work without the other, especially as you need to be able to retrieve the stored information from the secure offsite location in order to put your plan into action. Having both processes as part of your overall solution will help ensure that your business is greatly protected from a range of issues that reach far beyond any nasty cyberattacks!

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