Best document management software for construction companies | 2021 Reviews

Ever wondered why some construction firms always manage to finish their projects on time? One of the reasons is, they don’t waste their working hours on the constant back & forth of documents. Construction projects require quick & timely transfer of information between managers, vendors, workers & regulatory authorities. When this information doesn’t reach the concerned person or department on time, the work gets interrupted, and sometimes, comes to a complete halt – increasing expenses, and resulting in project delays & wastage of resources. Most top construction companies avoid this mismanagement of information & documents, (and you can too) by using a construction document management software to manage, track & share all their business documents – making information more accessible to their employees, even in the comfort of their homes.

But you probably already knew that. What you don’t know is which construction document management software can be the best fit for you and why? So, to make your job easier, here are our reviews of some of the best construction document management software in the market today – based on features, add-ons, and more.


GLOBODOX offers both on-premise & cloud based document management solutions, and provides a wide range of features that are essential for construction projects, like metadata based search, custom workflow automation, document sharing control, real-time collaboration, etc. GLOBODOX has clients in over 60 countries and is one of the top-rated document management software in the USA. GLOBODOX’s clientele boasts of prestigious names like NASA, Hutch, WestIn, FDA & many more. GLOBODOX offers a 30-day free trial to new users, to let them experience the product before making a purchase.

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  1. Doccept

Doccept helps construction companies organize, manage & track their documents more efficiently, and is one of the more economical document management software on this list. Doccept is a US based document management software that offers basic, professional & enterprise level solutions – based on no. of users, storage, features, etc. Some of Doccept’s features include API & scanner integration, predefined folder structures, email archiving, version control, real-time commenting & notifications and more.

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  1. EisenVault

EisenVault is a trusted name in the Indian document management industry. EisenVault offers both on-premise & cloud based document management solutions, as well as robotic process automation – a feature that lets users build & manage AI based bots that replicate human interaction. EisenVault offers features like advanced search, system integration, workflow management, document versioning and more. Users can access EisenVault via it’s API or Android & IOS mobile apps, or through Microsoft Outlook & Google Chrome plugins.

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  1. Rubex

Rubex is the brainchild of eFileCabinet, one of the most widely used document management software across industries. Along with other essential document management features like workflow automation, version control, email capture, faster search, etc; Rubex also offers features like dual preview – which lets users view & edit two documents simultaneously, and custom templates – which lets users create standardized folder structures that can be replicated across the system.

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  1. Coreworx

Coreworx is a construction-centric, information & document management software. Alongside a robust document management system, Coreworx also offers an interface management software – that facilitates communication between contracting parties, & a collaboration software – that acts as a hub for project teams to share official documents securely. Coreworx provides features like revision control, metadata & numbering, advanced search, workflow automation, project collaboration and more.

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  1. Collabor8online

Collabor8online is a construction-focused, cloud based document management software from the UK. Collabor8online offers 3 different plans – dedicated server, corporate & group – that are based on no. of users, features & storage capacity. Some of Collabor8online’s document management features include secure file sharing, document encryption, access control, customized folder structures, and more.

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  1. Jonas Construction

Jonas construction provides end-to-end project & document management solutions. Along with other document management features, Jonas Construction software offers plenty of other features essential for construction companies like billing & invoice management, dispatch scheduling, field service management, daily logs, inventory & equipment management, and more. If you are looking for a software that goes beyond basic document management, you should definitely try Jonas Construction software.

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