Can You Receive Vocational Training As A Part Of Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Work-related accidents can have long-lasting consequences on your health and finances. You must file a claim for workers’ compensation and seek the benefits you deserve. Based on your damages, the benefits you are entitled to may vary. 

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation and receiving the benefits you deserve can be challenging. The assistance of the experienced and qualified attorneys at The Walthew Law Firm can benefit you significantly. They help you reach a favorable settlement and overcome any legal obstacles on the path to seeking compensation. 

What is vocational training?

Workers may be entitled to vocational training as part of their compensation benefits in some situations. When employees cannot return to their previous job position or field of work because of permanent restrictions they face because of their work-related medical injuries, vocational training is provided as part of the compensation benefits. It trains workers to prepare them for a new job to seek employment that does not go against the work restrictions set for their health as soon as possible and find a job that pays them similarly to their previous position. 

What are some other compensation benefits that victims can recover? 

While vocational training can benefit the victims in several ways by helping them transition into careers that can accommodate their disabilities while ensuring that their wages are similar to their previous jobs, the victims are still entitled to other benefits based on the situation. 

  • Medical expenses: Victims require immediate medical care after an accident to recover properly. The compensation covers their medical costs such as surgeries, medication, and rehabilitation procedures. 
  • Lost time benefits: When the victim is unable to work for a certain period because of their injuries or illness, they are compensated with a certain percentage of their wages for that time. 
  • Loss of earning capacity: Work-related injuries can often hinder the victim’s ability to work, affecting their capacity to earn. 
  • Permanent partial disability: Victims that have suffered from a permanent disability that partially affects their ability to function can be awarded PPD compensation.
  • Lifetime pension: When the victim is totally and permanently disabled, they are paid a lifetime pension. 

Act quickly and consult a skilled lawyer if you believe that you deserve vocational training as part of your workers’ compensation benefits. They can assess your case and obtain evidence to prove that you require it. The presence of an attorney ensures that you receive your benefits in full. They are aware of several tactics insurance firms may use to deny or reduce your benefits and negotiate with them on your behalf. 

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