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To benefit from a big reduction straight away, study the grouping of your contracts with a single insurer. Like Eric, who by entrusting his two health contracts, his home insurance and the coverage of the two household vehicles to the same company, saved more than 300 euros on his premiums the first year, or 15%.  Consult This review for the best result now.

The Additional Options

In addition, the operation considerably simplified its relations with its insurer: with a single point of contact managing all its guarantees, a single phone call is sufficient for requests for information or notices of change of situation. Please note, the prices offered will not be the cheapest on the market for all contracts. And the guarantees are not necessarily identical to those of your previous contracts. Grouping is therefore above all a comfort solution, financially advantageous in the short term for policyholders with few contracts, a home guarantee and additional health, for example. So, conversely, if finding the lowest price is your first selection criterion, it will be better to disseminate your contracts.

Insurance: track down duplicates and save up to 100%

According to the UFC Que Chooser, the French largely underestimate their insurance budget. They estimate that they pay 1,277 euros each year on average to cover their car or their house. But, in reality, they spend 2,270 euros.In particular because they are “over-insured”. Wanting to protect yourself in all circumstances (a trip, the breakage of a cell phone, theft of means of payment), several hundred euros go up in smoke each year in the coverage of risks already guaranteed. An example ? Think twice before purchasing the insurance offered by a tour operator for a stay abroad or skiing, at a rate of up to 150 euros per person. These guarantees are often included in your credit card contract.Provided that you have paid for at least part of the trip or stay with your card, the insurance covers in particular the loss of luggage and the cancellation of the departure for certain events. And the same goes for assistance, such as repatriation in the event of an accident, even if you have not paid for anything with the card. For high-end cards, this coverage extends to the holder’s spouse, partner, married or civil partnership, their children and even their grandchildrenextends to the spouse, partner, married or civil partnership of the holder, his children and even his grandchildrenextends to the spouse.

Ask yourself about school insurance

Billed up to around thirty euros per child and per year, school insurance is useless if your multi-risk home contract already contains “civil liability”, “individual accident” and “life accident guarantee” guarantees. The same goes for insurance for the theft or breakage of a cell phone, costing up to more than 100 euros per year, sometimes already included in your home, car or bank card insurance. In short, it is better to carefully examine your contracts before taking out additional coverage.

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