Innovative Ways VoIP Can Enhance Sales & Marketing

Technology is so important in how businesses run their daily operations. What you may not know is that VoIP can be an amazing tool for businesses when it comes to enhancing their sales and marketing strategies, which can help increase their profits. Whether you’re talking about closing strategies to ensure conversions or utilizing the tools and features for marketing strategies, a virtual phone can be a highly effective sales and marketing tool for your business.

Get New Sales Opportunities

The more calls that you have coming into your business, the better your chances are of getting those important conversions that your business needs to succeed. VoIP is essential to allowing you to take advantage of this widget. If your VoIP system has advanced API or a WebRTC feature, you just need to integrate this into the website and you just need to sit back and let your sales representatives work their magic.

Improves Customer Experience

If customers don’t have a positive experience with your brand, they aren’t going to purchase your products or services. Telecom2  offers you reliable VoIP services and features that your business can count on. When a customer calls, you can access all of their information and call history allowing you to better serve the individual customer. This makes you more efficient, reducing the wait time for the customer, as well as helps you better serve their specific needs. These are all things that can dramatically improve the customer experience.

Better Data

VoIP telephone systems can integrate with a variety of different platforms that let you compile essential data for marketing and sales purposes. When you integrate your VoIP services and your CRM software, you can gain a lot of valuable insight about your customers that can help you better understand who your customers are, where they are located, the products that they are most interested in, and other important information that can help you with marketing. You can look back at notes and call history to see a pattern of tactics that work and those that were less than successful. This data can help you build stronger relationships with the right customers, improving your sales.

Minimise Wasted Time Between Calls

In the past, you would have to search up a number, then manually input it to make your sales calls. VoIP can help automate this process with certain software. You can automatically call prospects to increase the chance of them purchasing your products or services. You can get software prompts for leaving messages or calling an alternative number. You can even have multiple numbers ring to a single headset. Improve the efficiency of your sales team with VoIP.

Reduce Missed Calls

One of the downsides of a traditional phone system is that you are more likely to miss calls. With VoIP, you can get calls forward to mobile phones when the employee is not at their desk. They can also access their voicemail wherever they are to quickly get the message can call the customer back. Calls can be sent to other employees to ensure that no call goes unanswered. When you miss calls, you lose out on opportunities and you miss out on money.

Give a Professional Appearance

Even if you are a small business, you can use VoIP to give a professional appearance that you are bigger than you are. You can get an auto-attendant feature for the phone as well as custom voice prompt features. This automates customer services to make you more efficient as well as make you appear larger than you are. You can have additional features like the hold music feature and voice prompts, all features that are made to give a professional appearance. Customers are more likely to trust a brand if they think they are reputable and large enough to deal with their needs.


At Telecom2 there are many features and services that allow businesses to better market their business and close those sales deals. Your business is only as good as the technology that you use. VoIP is more than just phone service. Through its versatility and ability to be integrated into other important software, VoIP can be the best tool that your business has to improve your productivity and efficiency. It can also be an excellent tool that can improve your marketing and sales at your business.

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