Is It a Good Idea to Do Your Own Gadget Repairs?

Owning a gadget today is a necessity to enjoy the convenience they bring to our lives. A phone can be used to communicate, pay for purchases, take amazing photos, listen to music, get directions, and many more.

With how useful they are, we all wish that they never have to get their bad days and break. They’re not cheap—especially if we want the best experience possible. They’re also not free from running into hardware and software hiccups.

Falling into a realization that these convenient devices are not free from breakage—we also notice how pricey repair services can be. This is especially true if the device in question is out of warranty. Meaning, we won’t qualify for free or discounted repair services from the retailer or manufacturer.

Being aware of the price of repair services makes us question if it’s a good idea to do our own gadget repairs. If you own a laptop or a gadget other than your smartphone, surely you had a screen or two destroyed due to poor handling or accidents.

Here’s what you should consider if you’re thinking of doing your own repairs:

  1. Your device’s warranty coverage

Before jumping into unscrewing your phone’s screws, check if your phone is still under warranty. If it is, you can take it in for repair that can cost you nothing or pay for a discounted price, based on the nature of the damage that needs repair or replacement.

If you checked and still want to try your luck in DIY phone repair, you should know that opening your phone’s hardware and tinkering with it, changing parts, or even merely removing the non-removable back cover voids the warranty coverage. Can you hide it from the retailer or manufacturer? Yes, especially if there are parts inside the phone that have been replaced.

Theoretically, there can be a slight chance to make the modification unknown to them, but you shouldn’t take the risk. If the phone is out of warranty and you’re scared of bleeding from a broken glass screen, take it to a reputable repair shop.

  1. Your skills, knowledge, and tools

After thinking that you want to try your luck in DIY repair, you begin to think if you have the abilities, tools, and knowledge to open up your phone, replace parts, and close it. Granted that there are thousands of videos and guides on the internet that can guide you, the people who made those guides are mostly professionals and experienced with gadget tinkering.

If you know you aren’t capable and don’t have the necessary tools to do the repair job properly, better opt for professional services that won’t only assure that nothing bad will happen to your device but also actually repair the damage.

  1. Consider getting a new device

Running into damage big enough to render your phone useless can really hurt your pockets. You may be someone with enough faith in your device to have it repaired many times to get back to a working state, but you should also know that the reason your device runs into problems could be due to age. Phones are only meant to last an average of two and a half years.

Getting more repairs done can easily pile up and cost big enough to cover the price of a new device. You should consider this when thinking of putting in a phone for repair and if your need to use the phone is high.

So is doing your own gadget repairs a good idea? If you’re willing to risk the warranty coverage and the device itself. Give it a go. If not, your device is better off in the hands of repair professionals.

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