Minimizing the Effects of Flu Season on Your Workforce with U.S. Standard Products

Protecting your workers on the job doesn’t merely involve managing obvious hazards on the premises of work sites. It also means guarding against such illnesses as the flu.

The following work safety tips from US Standard Products will help you do so. Keep them in mind to ensure your workers remain healthy this flu season.

Emphasize Handwashing

It’s crucial that your workers have opportunities to wash their hands regularly, regardless of what type of work they do. You may want to help by installing hand sanitizer stations throughout your office. Some workers will typically only wash their hands after going to the bathroom, but if hand sanitizer is readily available, they may be inclined to use it more often.

You should also send out regular emails with safety policy information and general safety tips. These emails can include recommendations on how to maximize the benefits of hand washing. For example, some of your workers may not realize that the CDC recommends scrubbing one’s hands for a minimum of 20 seconds when washing them.

Promote Flu Shots

Encouraging your workforce to get their annual flu shot is another way to keep everyone safe and healthy. If you believe some workers might be reluctant to get the flu shot due to its cost, you can send out an email with a list of local clinics and other establishments offering the shot for free.

Some companies that prioritize work safety even host their own “pop-up” flu shot clinics. When employees see their coworkers getting the shot, they won’t want to be thought of as the employee who refuses to do so as well. Thus, they’ll be more likely to get the shot.

Cleaning Surfaces

Another work safety tip that the experts at US Standard Products highly recommend is making a point of cleaning surfaces throughout the workplace regularly and thoroughly. While this is always important, it’s particularly essential before and after client visits.

The value of frequent surface cleaning is easy to overlook because you can’t see the dangerous bacteria that may be hiding on surfaces. Rest assured, though, if you don’t clean them often, bacteria and viruses are there.

Emphasize the Importance of Sick Days

Far too many workers today feel they can’t justify taking sick days. This is sometimes due to organizational culture flaws. If a company emphasizes the significance of working hard, employees may naturally assume that taking days off when they’re sick will send the wrong message to their employers.

You don’t want your workers feeling this way. Whenever you have the opportunity to do so, you need to reaffirm that the company wants employees to stay home when they’re sick.

Depending on the nature of the work you do, you could even take steps to make working from home easier. Employees might feel more comfortable taking off if they know they can still get their work done.

Of course, reading these work safety tips isn’t enough. You also need to implement them! For more work safety ideas, you should follow US Standard Products on Facebook as well.

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