Negative Reviews; What to Do About It

Nobody likes dealing with negative reviews, especially after a long spell of positive reviews and affirmations. It takes great courage to accept criticsm, no matter the source. However, you don’t have much choice when it comes to your business and playing down negative reviews will do more harm than good for your company. The best strategy is to set aside your ego and take the bull by its horns; face your worst fears to build a reputable business. Here are proven ways to mitigate those unsettling reviews and get your business back on track.


People react differently to criticism; some get agitated while others feel dejected. Either way, neither feeling is conducive to finding a suitable response. Take your time to absorb the seemingly condescending words and wait for your mind to clear up.

Try to Understand

Your clients have different expectations and one product might elicit totally different emotions. While this is mind-boggling, it is human nature and the best approach is to try and gauge the issue from different point of views for a clearer picture.

Offer a Timely Response

A negative review can be startling and leave you confused. Nevertheless, you have to figure out a response in good time for damage control. Remember, potential clients want to see how you respond to gauge your company. A timely reply illustrates that you are concernedabout your client’s opinions.

Apologize to Your Clients

Apologies melt even the most hardened hearts and can take the agitated client by surprise. While you may disagree with your client on certain aspects, showing remorse may win them over and some might even delete their negative reviews.

Be Genuine

It takes time and effort to manage reviews and some crafty entrepreneurs get too lazy to give genuine responses and resort to copy-paste answers for reviews. A natural response shows that you value your client and win trust.

Maintain Your Composure

Sometimes, keeping calm is easier said than done, especially when the reviewer is ballistic and hell-bent on blowing your top. While the temptation to give a piece of your mind is real, you have to keep calm to save your reputation and business.

Offer Compensation

While it is difficult to undo an unpleasant experience, you can offer your disgruntled client a refund or offer discounts on their next purchase. A compensated client will easily put their bad encounter behind and continue buying products and services from you.

Speak to the Client Privately

Depending on the type and tone of the conversation, you can consider approaching your client directly via email or mobile phone to establish the root of the dissatisfaction. Besides, you don’t know what direction the conversation may lead, and going offline offers an opportunity to maintain secrecy.

Shake it Off

After dealing with negative reviews,  it is essential to keep in mind that even the largest companies will occasionally land negative reviews. You might feel overwhelmed and disillusioned, but a bad review is not a nail on the coffin but a vital pointer to areas that need improvement.

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