The Digital Landscape Of College Search

The ways in which colleges approach both undergraduate and graduate recruitment have steered away from the traditional in recent years. While these traditional recruitment methods have served the educational world well, they’ve since been upgrade to content geared more toward the digital and virtual. In the case of most of the students in the coming generations of college attendees, their first interaction with the college will have been online. Perhaps through a social media post straight from the college themselves. The reason behind such a stark change is because colleges have come to understand that this is what aspiring students wants to engage with. Seeing students of the college provide information through these short video clips gives them the insight they may need to help influence their decision, something that may not have been accomplishable through more traditional recruitment methods. While it’s clear recruitment has evolved, there’s more to come in the way of attracting students to a particular college. To learn more about the ways in which college recruitment is changing, please see the infographic supported alongside this post.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, an organization offering a premier alumni engagement platform

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