The importance of car accident witness statement

When it comes to filing a claim after a car accident and getting a fair amount of compensation that is satisfactory to you there are many things that help you in making your case out of which the statement of the witness holds a lot of value. This is why writing a car accident witness statement is very important.

What is a car accident witness statement?

When an accident happens and a person was present and saw the accident a statement is written which has a summary of the car accident and their observations. It is very important in a case because it provides a piece of first-hand knowledge and is not just a collection based on somebody’s memory. A witness statement covers many important details like where the witness was at the time of the accident, where the witness was headed to and where they were coming from, and if they had a clear view of the accident or was it obstructed.

How is the statement taken?

In order to get a witness statement, a person will have to set out to find if there were any witnesses to the accident and then get the answers to some questions in detail and then record them in a statement.

These are questions like, “where was the witness when during the accident”, “how was the weather”, “if they heard any tires screeching before the collision, was it they who called 911”, “the color of the traffic light”, “did the driver have the seat belt on”, etc.

How will you find the witness?

A witness statement in a car accident claim can prove to be very beneficial for your case, you can easily get it when there is a witness, but how is it that witnesses are found? In order to find the witness, you should know where to look for them. Generally, the people who were on foot during the accident will turn out to be competent witnesses. People on the road who work in close proximity and have a clear view from their position will also be good witnesses. Another place to look for witnesses is the construction sites by the road because there will be utility workers who were working in the area who saw the accident closely. The people who have shops or any other building in the vicinity of the crash can also be witnessed if they had a clear view from where they were present.

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