Claudia Pollack is a senior employment lawyer specializing in employment discrimination and advising non-profit organizations. Her mission is to help improve people’s lives while working for a positive change. Claudia Pollack is located in White Plains, New York City.

Below are a few tips to consider when hiring a lawyer:


It is the main factor to consider when you decide to hire a lawyer. If you hire a lawyer from a well-known agency, you will not have to worry about their knowledge. However, if you plan on hiring a freelancer, you will have to book an appointment with them. It is to know how knowledgeable they are in terms of the law. Don’t be afraid to ask questions concerning your case because not all lawyers know everything about the law and its effects on various cases.


The best way to start to get the perfect lawyer for your case is to get information from people you trust. Remember to get more than one name. It will help you to evaluate each lawyer, to find a lawyer who is familiar with your case and the type of law needed in handling it.


When hiring a lawyer, you need to consider their area of specialization. They all don’t handle the same type of cases. For example, if you need representation for divorce, you might need a divorce lawyer. In the same way, you need representation for wrongful termination, an employment lawyer will be needed, and so forth. Don’t hire a lawyer for the sake of being represented but rather, hire a lawyer who is specialized in your kind of case.


When hiring an attorney, it is important for you as the client to know them before letting them handle your case and represent you in court. It is to avoid any more damage to your case. There are cases such as, separation or even Family law that take a lot of time to complete. You as the client need to be utterly sure about the frame of mind of the lawyer. You can decide to hire a newbie to represent you but, this might cause a lot of damage to your case.

  1. FEES

Different lawyers have different charging fees. Some charge an hourly rate while some work with a fixed price depending on the case. So as the client, if you are working on a fixed budget, you will need to find the right lawyer and discuss the payment plan. There are lawyers and law firms that do not receive money from their clients unless they win the case.


Last but not least, when hiring an attorney, you need to find someone who will give you all the necessary information concerning your case. You should be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of the case. Your lawyer should possess the ability to assure you that your case is safe with them and that you are in safe hands.

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