Triple Threat: Three New Cloud Inventory Products to Watch

Three new mobile-first, cloud-based solutions are available from Cloud Inventory to assist businesses with accurate field inventory management, to utilize manufacturing-specific applications as well as to improve the visibility of warehouse inventory. These three service solutions are offered by Cloud Inventory, leading the field of inventory management solutions with their innovative, cloud-based applications focused on improving all aspects of the supply chain.

Field Inventory™ Management

Cloud Inventory’s Field Inventory management application addresses the problem of “Inventory in the Wild.” This mobile application allows businesses to track and authenticate all inventory when it is located in or out of the warehouse, bringing order and accountability to off-site material management in a well-organized format. Businesses can quickly launch the system and find out in real-time where their inventory is located, who in the chain of command is responsible for it and the current state of the inventory. One of Cloud Inventory’s goals for this tool is for it to improve the customer experience by empowering field workers with immediate, accurate information. With its pre-built ERP integrations, this inventory management system will seamlessly connect with any management software already in place, increasing its usability and decreasing adoption time.

Manufacturing Materials™

A parallel tool to the inventory management system by Cloud Inventory, the Manufacturing Materials solution is a website designed to support manufacturing operations. With its real-time information, this website is dedicated to helping businesses with complete visibility of manufacturing inventory, supplies and workflow. Working in concert with operation management, leadership teams and workers, this new site will increase on-floor efficiency and assist in on-time, accurate production yield with reduced inventory shrinkage and waste. Using this material management for manufacturing, organizations can also track and optimize everything from discrete manufacturing to inventory replenishment along with increasing efficiency measures with Kanban and Kitting. This tool will also easily integrate into automation software, tools and control systems in the warehouse already in place.

Warehouse Inventory™

The third product by Cloud Inventory is Warehouse Inventory, a digital inventory platform to manage and visualize gaps in inventory. Since inventory shrinkage and inaccurate counts can both occur inadvertently with normal human error and infrequent evaluations, having a system in place that regularly and accurately keeps track of inventory in the warehouse is key to efficiency. This app is designed to help warehouse managers to increase productivity while also minimizing miscounts of inventory. The real-time data collection will also assist in increased compliance with regulations and contracts in place. Users can access inventory in warehouses or offsite. This mobile-first application uses Cloud Inventory’s low-code platform. It is highly configurable making it agile enough to quickly adapt to most warehouse situations. Easily adopted by different users in an organization due to its simple interfaces, this app can be configured for each employee’s specific needs and uses.

Digital Management

Manufacturing operations that rely on hand counts and human management of materials and inventory in and out of the warehouse or office facilities are constantly at risk. Human error, miscalculations, and lost time due to correcting problems with inventory or a low flow of materials on the production line all contribute to lost revenue. Cloud-based solutions that can integrate with current systems already in place like these mobile-first, low code apps and the material management website from Cloud Inventory are all poised to provide immediate, dynamic solutions to manufacturing and production operations.

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