Yubo is a Popular App Among Gen Z Users

Yubo is one of the newest social media apps, and it has already attracted a lot of attention. The app, which primarily attracts Gen Z users, allows people to connect with others who share similar interests.

Ever since the app debuted on iOS and Apple, users have been able to add new friends and send private messages. Now they can do even more thanks to two new features recently announced by Yubo. The new features support Yubo’s mission of helping users find real friends rather than focusing on gaining likes and followers.

Livestream Onboarding

The new livestream feature gives users the opportunity to interact with others in real-time about shared interests. When a new user joins a livestream, others cannot see them or hear their voice since the camera and microphone default to the off position. This is an added safety feature in addition to verified profiles.

After reading a brief interface instructing them on how to use the feature, users are free to search for their first livestream to join. Yubo displays a carousel of top-rated livestreams in progress as one option.

Joining the conversation is as simple as pressing the raised hand button to indicate interest in speaking. Users can also choose to remain in observer mode with the new Livestream Onboarding feature. People who have already used Yubo’s chat feature should feel comfortable with typing their responses or questions and the fast pace of the livestream.

Using Tags to Find More Friends

Connecting with others who share the same musical tastes, food preferences, or hobbies is what makes Yubo so fun to use. However, it could take a while to build a friendship base prior to the app makers releasing the latest feature.

When new users sign up for an account, they now have the option to add tags that correspond with their areas of interest. Yubo even provides interest categories to make the sign-up process as efficient as possible.

One benefit of adding tags when setting up a user profile is that anyone who has selected the same tag can click on it to see a list of everyone else with the same interest. Tags expedite the process of connecting, and Yubo users can add up to 200 new friends each day. Another benefit is that tags help to break the ice and make initial conversations easier because users already know they have something in common.

Approximately two-thirds of people who sign up for a new account choose to use the new Add by Tag feature for a more personalized user experience. Both this feature and Livestream Onboarding have been popular among users, who have provided positive early reviews.

Yubo is constantly testing and adding new features, hello, Yubo Randos!, to ensure that users have the best possible experience with the smartphone application. The app, which is available as a free download at the iOS and Apple play stores, takes just a few minutes to get up and running.

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