Can a website really rank without any quality backlinks on Google?

The moment we create a website and start working on it, we start hearing terms like SEO and backlinks and whitehat and whatnot! Although Google says that SEO alone is required to help your website rank, people still look to buy quality backlinks USA. Who is right then? Can you really make it to the top without going for any SEO Link Building services (USA)? If yes, then why are these experts there in the market?

Can you open a shop in a city and run it successfully without telling anyone about it?

The curious case of backlinks and SERP ranking!

If you want a simple answer in a yes or now, then here it is – Yes! You can rank on Google without any backlinks required. But, it has a condition. Before we speak about this condition, let us discuss how things work around search engines.

Google is not the only search engine but sure is the giant one. There are other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc. But when we talk about search engines, Google grabs around 91% of the total search market. Thus, we usually use Google to mean search engines. Who knows if in future a new one topples Google and we end up altering this article.

Well, Google has one simple work – to create a bridge between the seekers and the providers. Here, the seekers are the users who come to Google and search for something. The providers are the websites that have content that could be useful to the seekers. It is very similar to how things work in the real world.

But, it is not as easy as it seems. There are different factors involved and thus complexities arise.

Suppose you know about one plumber. A man comes to you and asks about a plumber. What would you do? Indeed, you’d recommend that plumber in your knowledge to him. But then, 20 plumbers reach you and tell them about their service. Now, who would you recommend as a plumber to that man? Yes, it’ll depend on many factors. Google takes care of all these factors, and quality backlinks is one of them. And before we learn about those factors, let’s learn about how does Google work.

How does Google work?

Google acts as a bridge, as we have discussed above, between the seekers and the providers. It all happens on the servers. Consider servers to be the Earth of all the data that we see on our screens. It resides there. Google is not an artificial intelligence and thus needs human interaction to make things work.

The data is that around 0.25 million websites get created every day. This means 0.25 million providers every day to serve the seekers. But how does Google come to know about these websites that are hosted on the internet? Google creates a database of all these websites and what their content is about. It calls this database ‘Index’, which is like a large library catalogue. But how does it come to know about these websites? This is where SEO comes in.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of rules and guidelines that a website owner follows while creating and uploading content on the internet. These guidelines help Google know about the presence of a website and understand its content. It helps it in giving better search results.

Now, when you search for a term like ‘SEO link building services, USA’, Google starts looking into its index for similar terms. It could find millions of pages that might be around this search term – just like you knew about 20 plumbers above. So, how does it decide which website to show on the top of SERP and which to drop? This is where ranking factors come in. And know that link building, where people strive to buy quality backlinks, is one of these ranking factors. SEO and Link Building agencies work on excelling at these factors and help a website stay at top of SERP.

What are ranking factors?

Ranking factors are the factors that Google takes into consideration to choose the top websites to show on SERP from the millions of possible websites. These factors help search results be better. Imagine searching for ‘ Sundae Recipes’ and getting websites that speak about the history of sundaes. Or imagine searching for ‘Sunday Recipes’ because you do not know the actual spelling.

When it comes to the ranking factors, few of them are known to the public. However, most of these factors have been kept hidden from the world to stop manipulation.

Here are a few examples of the ranking factors –

  • Keywords
  • Quality of backlinks
  • Location of the searches
  • quality of web design
  • Core Web Vitals
  • number of coding errors
  • social media clues
  • age of the domain and its experience

These factors are similar to the factors you’d choose to select between 20 plumbers. So, the question was –

Can you really make it to the top of SERP without link building? Is there a chance to thrive without getting to buy quality backlinks (USA)?

Can a website rank on SERP without getting any backlinks?

We’ll again start with our above example of plumber. Suppose you know about 20 plumbers that can do very good plumbing (or they claim so). A man comes to you and asks for a plumber, if you know one! How would you recommend a plumber to her out of those 20?

You might look at their experience or ask to people about how good they are. You can also look at how famous these plumbers are. And we generally consider fame as a symbol or power and knowledge and wisdom and all that good! But you really cannot ask people in real time. This is why you look at the fame factor. The wider the network of a website, the higher the chances that it is famous and an authority in the subject, and the better the chances that it’d be having the best solution possible (because rarely do we rise to the top with shallow knowledge).

The quality and niche of backlinks of a website indicate to Google about its ability to serve a solution against a user query. It gets required when you have to choose between millions. But, we had said above that it is possible to rank on Google without backlinks. Here is the scenario where it is possible –

If the subject of your website is new, the competition is low to null, and the seekers are there, then your website will rank on Google. How? Because there are no competitive websites out there from which Google has to choose from. It is similar to recommending a plumber when you know about one plumber alone.

But, if you deal in an industry that has high competition, consider backlinks to be a necessity. This is why big companies invest millions to hire quality SEO link building services and to buy quality backlinks in USA and around.

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