Digital Declutter & Minimization Guide

Keeping our physical space tidy is something we can easily notice, which is why it can become so burdensome to continuously look at a sink full of dishes, or a collection of shoes unorganized at the door. However, what’s less tangible than this clutter, is the digital space that we occupy on a daily basis.

Similar to organizing our physical surroundings, it’s beneficial for both our minds and devices to undergo occasional “digital decluttering.” But what exactly is digital clutter? In simple terms, it’s the disorganization of our digital devices, be it a phone, computer, or tablet. This clutter slows down the device and makes it challenging for the user to navigate through excess information. Digital clutter comes in various forms, such as a cluttered email inbox, overloaded desktop, or unused apps, and research suggests that dealing with this digital mess can be as stressful as dealing with physical clutter.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to tackle digital clutter. One approach is to use tools or services designed to simplify the process. Cloud-based storage services enable users to back up and manage important files without clogging up their devices. Hardware solutions like external hard drives or flash drives can also help by storing old photos and documents without having to delete them to safe storage space. Additionally, there are simple actions like deleting unnecessary data, clearing browsing history and data, and uninstalling unused apps.

Regularly updating device software and apps is another crucial step in maintaining overall security and preventing slowdowns. Outdated apps can contribute to device lag, so staying on top of updates is essential. Managing email inboxes is also a common challenge. Archiving all messages, creating folders or labels for categorization, and unsubscribing from unused services can help maintain a clean and organized inbox.

Hoping to learn more about the ways in which you can go about maintaining a clean and efficient digital space? Read on to the resource highlighted alongside this post to learn more about some of the benefits, extending to both our mental well-being and the performance of our devices.

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