Do You Yubo? Key Features Highlight the Benefits of the New Social Media Platform for Teens and Parents

There are few creations in recent memory more pivotal or game-changing than social media, at least on a general level. Our world of instant communication has created a place where we can connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. With social media so popular and millions of users looking for their next best destination, platforms like Yubo are doing their best to make a case for themselves.

Yubo popped up seemingly overnight as a Paris-based social media network with a home here in the United States. Focusing on Gen Z users, Yubo has found a home for live streaming, live chatting, and many other unique features.

Let’s explore how Yubo is setting itself up to be a new leader in the social media world.

Utilizing Automation & AI For Security

Yubo was brought forth in 2015 during a particularly competitive time for social media networks. As platforms like Facebook and Twitch elbowed each other for room in the marketplace of ideas, Yubo went ahead and combined what each platform did best to make something even better, and they did it through AI and automation.

To provide its younger audience with a safe and secure place to stream and chat with friends, Yubo relies upon an advanced age verification process. Utilizing AI, the system scans users and identifies if they are old enough to utilize the application. The Yoti algorithm uses a real-time photo before confirmation is taken. Yoti has an accuracy rating of more than 98.9%.

For Yubo to continue growing organically while differentiating from other social media platforms, the startup is choosing to avoid giving in to the pressures of “likes” and “followers,” ignoring those metrics entirely while focusing on creating real interactions. This kind of setup could lead to better and more fruitful interactions without the need for the popularity contest that comes with likes and follows.

Staying on the Right Track

One of the best ways that Yubo sets itself apart from the rest of the competition is in how it focuses on real-time and real-user interactions. Gone are the likes and follows of yesteryear, sure, but now they are replaced with effective live streaming and instant messaging. With billions of messages flying back and forth between friends around the globe, Yubo puts the tools for teens to communicate with their friends no matter the time of day, night, or their physical proximity to one another.

Other new reviews highlight the way that Yubo is setting itself up to create a network of friends, no matter how connected or disconnected you are. Hashtags on user profiles allow for a sorting system that can lead you to the next best friend you’ll ever meet.

All of Yubo is backed by secured AI and automation to prevent underage users from joining the platform. In companionship with a rigorous moderation team, Yubo looks primed to be the Gen Z social media platform of choice going into the future.

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