Finding A Suitable Company To Assist You With Outreach For Your Agency

As a digital agency owner, there are many tasks that you can consider outsourcing for your business that can help you scale it while still servicing your customers. A typical job within digital marketing to outsource is blogger outreach to assist clients in acquiring quality backlinks for their websites. Many companies are offering this service, but you need to be careful and ensure you are not using the services of a link farm, which can potentially be bad for your client’s campaigns and websites. Below are some tips and advice to help you find a suitable company to help you, which can be the catalyst to growing your agency and ensuring its success.

Look For Suitable Companies Online

You will want to start your search using Google and try and find reputable companies offering white label blogger outreach services, which are suitable for agencies. You will find many companies providing this service, but the quality of links they provide and the price they charge can vary quite drastically. You will want to make yourself a list of potential companies you can look to contact, but before you do, you can do some extra digging on them and their online reputations.

Looking At Their Online Reputations

Before contacting the companies on your list, it is worth doing some digging into their online reputations. You can do this in many ways, and a simple one is to use independent review websites and social media. There are various ones that you can use, and an excellent independent review website is Trustpilot, where you can get a lot of helpful information if the company has a profile on there. When it comes to social media platforms, there are many you can use to see what previous customers think of their service, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Contact The Companies Remining On Your List

Once you have looked at their online reputations to whittle your list down to a manageable number, you can then contact the different companies about their blogger outreach services. You will need information on each company’s prices and if they have a tiered pricing structure that offers cheaper links the more you buy. You will also need to know how the companies gauge the websites’ metrics to ensure you are reading from the same page and the company is providing quality placements. You will want to try and ask each company the same questions, which will allow you to compare the answers you receive.

Placing A Test Order

Once you have a few companies that you like the look of and seem to provide a quality service, you will want to place some test orders. You can send an order to each of the companies on your list and then compare the blogger outreach placements you receive and see which is best. It is also a good idea to tell each company what you are doing, so they go out of their way to ensure they provide you with quality. You can then start to use multiple companies for your blogger outreach or use the services of just one, and then concentrate on growing your business with one less thing to worry about for you.

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