SEO Trends to Check Out in 2023 to Boost Your Online Presence

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial for making a website rank higher in search engines and attracting consumers to a website. However, as search engines keep updating their search and ranking algorithms frequently, it is significant for marketers to keep a tab on the latest SEO trends and technology. While a professional Digital Agency can help you with this, there is nothing wrong with keeping yourself updated with the ongoing SEO trends. Continue reading to know the latest SEO trends in 2023.

The New E in EAT 

Google’s EAT acronym, i.e., Expertise, Authority, and Trust, has received an additional E, which stands for Experience. That means the search engine will now consider the author’s experience to evaluate the content quality. Experts say that Google has taken this move to ensure that the author has real-world experience with the topic published on the website. Therefore, while writing a topic, you must ensure that the content creators are well-versed and experienced in that particular niche.


Artificial Intelligence plays a great role by influencing how visitors are now interacting with website content. Rank Brain, an algorithm by Google, plays a crucial role in the search engine’s ranking system. Such AI-powered algorithms consider the user experience signals as a significant factor. Examples of such signals include the total time spent on a particular page, click-through rate, and more. Thus, your effort should be towards captivating and engaging visitors with quality and valuable content.

Helpful and Satisfying Content

You need to create content for humans instead of search engines. The content should be relevant to your website and your target audience. Besides, it should demonstrate the depth of knowledge on the topic. Experts say you also need to enhance your keyword research process.

Video Marketing 

Do you know more than 80 percent of brands are now using video content to boost their conversions and leads? Studies have proved that well-created videos can increase brand awareness by 139 percent. Hence, video marketing will remain a vital SEO trend in 2023. So, make sure you create quality and relevant videos, use proper keywords for video labeling, and insert the right hashtags while sharing your videos. You can also take the help of experienced digital marketers to develop engaging videos for your company.

Make Your Site More Mobile-Friendly

In a report, it has been forecasted that more than 70 percent of internet users will use mobile phones to access the internet by the end of 2025. On the other hand, Google’s Mobile-first indexing update also has made it essential to make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Therefore, ascertain that Google or any other search engine can crawl your website easily on mobile devices and that there are no disallow directives. Prefer to utilize the same meta tags for both mobile and desktop sites.

Closing Thoughts

With time, SEO will become more complex and challenging to work with. For this reason, hiring a top-rated digital marketing company in Dubai can be a great option for using the best SEO Dubai strategies. Get in touch with such an agency today to maintain your brand’s digital presence in this competitive market.

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