Tips for Reducing Paper and Printing Wastage in Office

Every business today is working toward reducing its carbon footprint by adopting sustainable ways of doing things. One of the major efforts has been to conserve natural resources. However, some natural resources are vital and valuable in everyday activities in businesses. For instance, paper is part of most businesses. It comes from wood, which is why part of conserving this natural resource is reducing paperwork. Companies must come up with business technology solutions to prevent wastage from printing. This blog will highlight ways to reduce paper and printing waste in businesses.

  1. Go Digital

The ultimate solution to reduce the cost of paper and printing is going digital. With digitization, there will be no need to print documents since everything is accessible online. Save copies on your devices so employees can access them freely. You can also allow workers to save documents on the cloud so they can access them at any time. This way, there will be no need to create hard copies.

  1. Print Both Sides

Sometimes most people use one side when printing documents. However, this practice leads to more wastage. Printing on both sides is the best way to prevent paper wastage and consumption. Turn your paper to the other side and insert it into the printer. It is easy, but people often choose only one side.

  1. Reuse Paper

Businesses produce a huge quality of unwanted paper once a job is done. Instead of throwing away the papers, you can use them for other purposes. Such include rapping items or printing documents that are not very important. Whichever way you go, ensure the papers don’t go unused.

  1. Buy Recycled Paper

Another way of saving money from paper and printing is by buying recycled paper. Recycled paper comes with a lot of benefits. For instance, it is economical since it is cheaper than fresh paper. Therefore, the need for new paper reduces, helping you save money.

  1. Avoid Colored Prints

Many businesses also prefer colored printouts to black and white. However, colored prints require more ink compared to the latter. Therefore, unless you are printing documents for a presentation or other professional purposes, it may be best to print them in black and white. This way, less ink will be used.

  1. Control Access to Printing

When you have many employees working in the office, knowing what they print for office work can sometimes become challenging. However, you need to know what they print to save paper and printing. Make sure they are not doing it for unofficial or unproductive reasons by controlling access. Monitoring printing and influencing how they do it helps save on ink and paper.

  1. Inform Employees

Another way of saving on paper and printing is creating awareness in the office. Inform your employees of the importance of saving by taking the initiative to reduce paper and printing waste. Teach them about saving paper and how it benefits the company. Start with the ones who need to use paper daily.


These are simple ways f utilizing paper and printing in organizations. Businesses need to adopt cost-saving strategies that benefit the environment. If you use paperwork daily, managed print services can reduce the cost of paper and printing in your office.

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