Finding Meaningful Connections With Yubo – Inside the Hottest New Social Media Platform

When was the last time that you video-chatted with a friend or loved one? Livestreaming conversations have become increasingly normalized in our day-to-day lives, and we are seeing that frequently replicated in the social media sphere.

Yubo was founded in France in 2015 to offer its Gen Z user base access to a convenient, accessible, and secured social media platform built around the true connection. Shrugging free from the conventions of Likes and Follows, Yubo instead offered a safe space for individuals to grow and connect with one another.

Let’s pull out the microscope to take a closer look at how Yubo is operating now and in the future.

What’s Going on at Yubo?

Yubo was introduced to the world in 2015, and it would quickly take off, soaring to more than 60 million users around the world from 140+ nations. Yubo prides itself on offering a series of features that give customizable benefits to its users. A few of the most popular safety-oriented features on the platform include

  • Muted Words – Yubo offers the option to filter words, phrases, and emoji from appearing in the feed of a user. Utilizing a list that can be modified, users can create a social media platform that gives them everything they want with nothing that they don’t. Muted words are just an extension of the other ways moderation takes precedence over conventional social media connections.
  • “Take It Down” – Partnering with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Yubo offers access to the “Take it Down” program to its users. The program gives users the ability to remove any non-consensual images or videos found on the platform simply by providing a hash or digital fingerprint.
  • Profile Customization – Yubo offers its users the chance to fill out profiles with Profile Interest tags. These tags give Yubo users the ability to explore and connect with new people, all within the confines of the system.
  • Live Moderation – Yubo is also partnering with the team at Hive to produce live audio and video moderation in four key international markets: the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Live moderating tools utilize AI to scan 10-second audio clips. Problematic content is parsed through an AI and sent to a Safety Specialist for further investigation. If the report is said to be a false-positive, that information is sorted for later reference and preserved for up to a year.

Sacha Lazimi, CEO of Yubo, said of the aforementioned features, “We are proud to be a partner to NCMEC in the launch of this service and to support innovation that effectively fights the non-consensual spread of content while preserving our users’ privacy.”

Creating a Comfortable Connection With Social Media

While Yubo wants its users to connect with one another while enjoying the online space, the platform is cognizant of the potential harm that constant social media connection can parlay. Yubo advises its userbase to take frequent breaks from social media so as to turn down the volume of the app on their mental health.

Additionally, Yubo suggests that users take regular stress breaks from social media. Some suggested ideas to clear the head from social media clutter include going to exercise, engaging with friends in real life, or simply taking a step away from the system.

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