Google News app for Android gets revamped

Google seems to have revamped its News app for Android. Many have reported getting to see a fresh new outlay for news which are grouped together in the Your Briefing and weather widget which is larger and more elaborate in its outlay though the content is still fixed to show top five stories, just as it has been with the old design. Another change to be seen, and what can also be considered a welcome change at that is the COVID-19 news banner which appears to have been done away with.

Further, as Neowin reported, the revamped Google News widget will start with showing bigger sized content before it comes down to a more normal size once you start scrolling down. All of this might sound familiar to Apple News which too sports a similar scheme. Nonetheless, it is handy as the larger display will help adjust to the eyes that will take time to focus when you ahve just woken up.

Other changes to be seen is differnt color codes for the Local news and Picks for you titles which helps them stand out from the rest of the content. Overall, the new Google News app sports a fresh new look which does look nice.

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