Nonprofits are beginning to see the advantages of software created just for them. These programs aid in developing portfolios and tracking donors, among other things. However, choosing the one that would suit your fundraising event the best can be challenging, given the abundance of possibilities. The essential elements below will help you focus your search and choose the most appropriate fundraising software for your needs. Consider these crucial elements when evaluating software for your upcoming fundraising event.

Compatibility with your organization

Suppose you want to increase your reach and effectiveness with significant donors. In that case, your fundraising software must work in tandem with your existing CRM as well as with the objectives and procedures of the organization. Additionally, it must function within your data structure. If you want results right now, avoid programs that need a lot of change management.

Support & user-friendliness

Most of the time, frontline fundraisers are not technologists, so the program should be simple for them to use. Your fundraising software should have simple workflows, a pleasing interface, and valuable guardrails so that you may use it independently. Most importantly, it should be linked with a helpful support team that responds quickly to inquiries, offers coaching, and addresses problems as they arise.

Online enrollment

This function is essential for automating event preparation and saving time and energy for busy organizers. Converting paper registration forms with checks and postal receipts to online registration will lessen the administrative burden. You may collect a sponsor or donor’s information and manage it on the software’s backend as soon as they agree to support your event.

Make sure registrants receive an email receipt automatically! Connect this data to your CRM to create a valuable picture of the donors who are attending your event, coming back year after year, and how they are helping you through fundraising activities.

Secure transactions

Online registration works in tandem with this feature. If money must be collected to purchase registration or sponsorship packages, add-ons, or contributions, ensure the software can process payments securely to safeguard your contributors.

Donor participation

You have a captive audience during your fundraising event, so try to engage guests wherever and whenever you can. Engage your fans using your fundraising software in the days and weeks before the event to build excitement and maintain momentum throughout the event.

For instance, for a charity golf tournament, use a program that gives live leaderboards so that golfers may monitor rankings in real time and donate directly from the leaderboard. It is a bonus if the progress toward a goal can be tracked, and contributors can see how their contributions are making a difference.

Compliance with GDPR and data privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation establishes guidelines for organizations’ use, processing, and archival of personal data. Building confidence with your supporters and defending your organization from dishonest individuals requires compliance, which involves keeping any donation data you collect secure. Any software platform you use should be safe and GDPR-compliant.

The endnote

Remember the aforementioned essential aspects when investigating your options and determining which software could be most effective for your fundraising event.

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