Take These Steps Before Going to The Computer Repair Store

Computers are not fool proof prices of equipment, they can have performance issues, fail to start or suddenly stop working. No matter the problem, it’s wise to take your computer to the experts to get it fixed, but there are some things to do before you head in, so you can make sure things go smoothly when you get there.

#1. Backup Your Computer

The first thing you should do is back up all your vital data. This isn’t something to do just when your computer has issues, you should be backing up your data frequently. Back-ups are important as you don’t want to lose your important photos, documents and other such files during the repairs process. No computer repair shop can guarantee to safeguard your data, so you should handle this yourself. 

#2. Record Your Problem

Before you take your computer to the repair shop you should know what the issues you’re facing are. This might sound obvious, but a lot of people just walk into computer repair shops and haven’t noted down what the issues are with their computers. If you present the problem accurately to the technician, they can solve it faster and with fewer issues. If you want your computer back faster, this is a smart thing to do. 

#3. Remove Your Passwords

Most computers are password protected, but unless you want your computer repair shop to know your password, remove it before taking it to the repair shop. This is, of course, something you can only do if your issue is minor, if your computer won’t start or the display isn’t working, you may not be able to do this step. 

#4 Remove the Unnecessary

If you’re taking your desktop computer to the repair shop, it’s a smart idea to remove any external devices before you go. This includes printers, scanners, external hard drives and the like. You can also remove unnecessary programs or software, as they may need to be deleted anyway, or be slowing down the technician. 

#5 Check Your Warranty

This is another one that sounds obvious, but make sure you check your warranty before you go to the computer repair shop. Depending on the security, you may be able to have repairs covered by the warranty or the whole computer replaced if needed. Although you may be out of contract and still have to pay the total price, it never hurts to check. 

#6 Look into Repair Shops

Before you run to the nearest computer repair shop do some research to find the best possible choice in your local area. It’s wise to look at online reviews and ask around for recommendations. The aim is to find someone who is affordable, with the right expertise in your local area.

Remember to consider your type of PC. For example, if you have a gaming PC, you’ll want a repair shop that can handle this, or if you own an Apple product, the same applies here. 

Our personal choice is DML Computer Repairs, they’re a family-owned business with years of expertise in the computer repair business and can help you with any type of computer. Contact them for your next repair. 

Make a List of Questions to Ask the Technician

On your way to the computer repair store, you may want to think if there are any questions you have regarding the process. By asking all your questions upfront, you can make an educated decision regarding the repair itself. 

  •     You might want to ask the following:
  •     How much time will it take to repair?
  •     How much is the repair anticipated to cost?
  •     Will the repair process safeguard my data?
  •     Does your work come with any guarantees or warranties?
  •     Will you get in touch with me in the event of any unanticipated problems or additional costs?


DML computer repair 

223 N Wahsatch Ave STE #104
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Texting Line: (719) 338-9256

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