Securing The Future of Your Business for the ISDN Discontinuation

The dates for ISDN switch off are approaching swiftly, and with it also comes the worries of switching to alternatives. But to our pleasant surprise, there are also many alternatives available. The article briefs you about how you can future-proof your business post ISDNExpected Date of ISDN Switch-Off. The target to completely withdraw the ISDN and PSTN services has to be done by December 2025.

What is an ISDN Connection?

In simple words, an ISDN connection is the popularly used method to make calls around the globe. ISDN uses digital broadcast with the help of PSTN to make phone and video calls. It was launched in 1986 and transformed the conventional landlines into a digital platform. ISDN lines provided better connections and smooth video calling.

Why are ISDN Lines Discontinued?

During the 1980s to 2000s, ISDN was the fastest mode for digital connections. It provided an internet speed of 128mbps for file, data, and voice transfers, which was the fastest for that time.

But now, with technology transformations, ISDN has become outdated. Broadband connectivity through cables, WAN, and DSL have way better connection speeds than ISDN could ever match. Although the ISDN lines witnessed frequent updates since the 80s, the technology used is still the same.

BT has also decided to focus more on VoIP, which has also influenced the ISDN phase-out decision. With BT’s inclination towards VoIP technology, it makes no sense to upgrade the ISDN lines. Switching off ISDN is also a step towards updated technology and advancement towards the future.

However, there is a lot of road between declaring to doing. Several hurdles will come up during this technology upgrade, and BT has already faced a few till now. Read here to find out more about the ISDN discontinuation and how to upgrade it properly for a business.

Do we have Alternatives for ISDN?

The present and future of communications rely heavily on SIP and VoIP. VoIP technology uses internet connections to make both voice and video calls worldwide. This technology advancement will make calling more cheaper and better. The set-up is also simpler than the traditional landlines, as this does not require physical lines for connections.

Till today, around 40 percent of businesses have already upgraded to VoIP from ISDN lines. More upgrades to follow soon.

Securing the Future of Your Business

Since 2020, BT has already stopped giving newer ISDN connections. You still have enough time to switch to the VoIP networks over the traditional telephone system. It will not only save you in cost but also requires limited space and will save your IT staff’s time as well.

Don’t panic! You are one among the 2 million users who are still using the ISDN lines. Yes, we are approaching the switch-off time, but it still has a little over four years for you to upgrade. 4 years is a good time for you to plan things, do your research, and make an upgrade that is best for your organization.

You don’t need to rush. Having an ISDN connection is absolutely valid for a few more years. But use this time wisely, and think of the best solution in the interest of your business.

Whether you decide on a VoIP connection or a cloud network, both are flawless in their way. Your existing system can be upgraded to SIP trunks easily with no requirements of buying new equipment. All you need to do is make sure that your internet speed is fast enough to meet the new network requirements.

How many Stages are there in ISDN Switch Off?

The ISDN switch-off is a two-stage plan. The first stage already commenced in 2020, where customers were not allowed new ISDN connections. But, you can still use your existing connections. It also gives you five years to upgrade and reach the second stage.

The second stage is the last date for the switch, and you would not be allowed to use ISDN any further. The ultimate date for this is in December 2025. To be safe, you must get your connections upgraded by then.

Cost Involved for the Upgrade or Switch

The upgrading cost totally depends on the service provider you choose. Every service provider has its own pricing plans; compare a few to get the best deal. Eventually, the upgrade cost will work in your favor and prove beneficial to your business growth.

Planning your Upgrade

The time for the upgrade will depend on the size and nature of your business. For instance, you may have multiple offices or multiple floors in an office. In such cases, you can break the upgrade into phases, like one floor at a time or office by office. The timing and cost will also depend on how close you have planned your update from the switch-off date.

We recommend that you plan things well in advance. Don’t wait till the end and get a forced upgrade to your existing system. There is still enough time to plan and take your decisions. The ISDN upgrade is necessary, and you must get it done as soon as possible but without affecting your business.

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