The Importance Of User-Based Merchandising for Upselling Products

You’re a retailer who has the best cooking utensils around. You love your utensils, and you’re quite certain that your customers like them too. But does that mean that your ecommerce site should just be a beautiful catalog of your amazing products? If you want good sales and the opportunity for upsales, no. Why? Because a product catalog speaks about you but doesn’t speak to your audience. Your site needs to speak to your audience, not to your products. You need a page for a person who looks one way and a different page for a person who looks a different way.

Creating Customer-Centered Buying Experiences

With AI-powered ecommerce personalization, you can now treat every visitor like an exclusive customer. Using each shopper’s behavioral data to provide intent-specific, customers will feel like you truly understand what they like and how they want to be treated.

Your ability to serve up intent-specific, relevant search results will enable you to not only sell more to each customer but also upsell products. How does this happen? Well, you serve up the products that are the most relevant to that person, but you also include some closely related products.

This level of personalization makes customers feel special and improves their shopping experience. As the customer’s trust and love of you deepens, they are much more likely to try the additional recommendations.

The Magic of AI-Powered Ecommerce Personalization

With AI-powered ecommerce personalization, you can recommend the most meaningful products, even for anonymous or first-time shoppers. These personalized digital experiences will engender greater emotional engagement by showing customers more of what they want, when they need it. This has a positive effect on your site’s conversion rate and also boosts loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Steps for Personalizing the Customer Experience

How do you achieve greater ecommerce personalization? You need a digital strategy that puts customers at the center and that speaks to:

     Relevance: Making sure what you serve up is relevant to the visitor

     Pervasiveness: Applying your personalization everywhere

     Individualized: Stitching together a dynamic customer profile using demographics and in-context data collected across channels and sessions in order to personalize products, content and experiences

The Benefits of User-Based Merchandising

User-based merchandising enables you to strengthen relationships with your customers. It results in reduced lead generation costs and efforts. And it increases customer lifetime value (CLV). The end result: happy customers and happy company.

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