Top ways to insert an em dash into your document

Microsoft Word can now be the way of producing business structures, collateral messaging, and other communications. It will continue to feel like the program starts to behave intuitively after repeated usage, correcting inaccurate writing, wrapping long terms to the next line and avoiding paragraph widows. Occasionally, you require Word to do things like introducing an em dash that sets off details as an aside or where some punctuation may distract the sentence structure, however, the app will not just immediately execute the function.

If you want to use them in Google Files, regular keyboards do not have dedicated keys for unique punctuation points, such as an en or em sprint. Here’s how hyphens and dashes can be formed in your papers.

Because we are a website for technology, we will not go into depth on when and how to use any punctuation. Alternatively, if you’re uncertain when to use a punctuation mark, you should test what a hyphen, en dash, and em dash are. A hyphen is essentially a dash-), (an en dash is the length of two dashes (–), and an em dash is the duration of three dashes-).

Ways to type an em dash:

Word makes an em dash (a long dash) to be added by merely tapping two dashes in a sequence. Word detects that as you end the term after the dashes, and then substitute them with the em dash. However, if you have this capacity turned off, you may wonder how to get a dash of em in your document. There are three approaches to do it:

  • Push Ctrl+Alt+Minus (on the keystroke)
  • Lockdown the Alt key on the numeric keypad when you type 0151.
  • Pick Symbol from the Add section, and then pick Em Dash from the category Special Characters. You’ll find em dashes and other appropriate punctuation hidden away in Word ‘s list of symbols, only waiting to be included.
  • Sadly, the em-dash — and, surprisingly, the en-dash (–) — is not common enough to deserve its own place on the keyboard. You would need to use a shortcut instead. The question is that the solution differs according to operating systems.

We ‘re here to help no worries. Use em-dashes and en-lashes on all Mac and Windows systems here.


Windows appears to be a bit less welcoming to dash admirers. Still, since the introduction of its own emoji keyboard things has improved better — it’s now got a very easy workaround for em and en-dashes built into it.

To enter the emoji keys, click both the Win key and the dot (.) simultaneously.

Navigate to the Symbols tab at the top of the screen (the omega icon).

Chrome OS:

When you are using a Chrome OS app, both an em dash and en dash can be installed without withdrawing your hands from the keyboard. Click Shift-Ctrl-U, type the 2014 numbers (one by one) and press the spacebar.


Mac simplifies the use of em- and en-dashes compared to Windows. There’s a pretty easy workaround that operates by itself on notebooks and macOS desktop computers.

  • You may need to click the Alt key and the Minus key at the same time to type in an en-dash. This is it, you have an en-dash (–) already.
  • The em-dash functions similarly — it only needs one additional element. For an em-dash keeping down Alt + Move + Zero.

Build Hyphens and Dashes manually:

The first thing you’re going to have to do is fire up your browser and open a Google Docs file to continue.

Throughout Google Docs, a hyphen is the easiest punctuation mark to make. Your keyboard possibly already has a key for just this reason. The hyphen key is at the tip, often next to the zero ( 0) key, depending on the keyboard configuration. Everything you’ve got to do is click and that’s it. Generated Hyphen.

En and em dashes are a little trickier to look for. Keyboards have no keys devoted to such punctuation points. If you’re not a professional writer, you probably won’t be using them that often.

Various stylebooks have specific guidelines on how to use an em dash. Some guides say leaving spaces on each side of the em dash for starters — such as this. You can pick the layout you want better, so long as you hold it clear. The em dash gives authors the ability to create decisions of all sorts, above and beyond space. Then you will become acquainted with this punctuation mark.

The em dash always stops one phrase from being loaded up by so many commas. Em dashes may be found in everything from structured documents to texts. Only limit the overall amount of em dashes that you use to 1–2 instances per page. Use an em dash to illustrate your point or bring pace to your writing for optimum effect.

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