How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales with SEO Company

The rules have changed regarding winning buyers and influencing sales with a Search Engine Optimization Company

Whereas previously the idea was to find all the pertinent SEO parameters in the Google algorithm, including keywords, page download speed, whether the page was optimized for mobile, whether there are authoritative backlinks and schema marking code to crack the Google ranking system (and make no mistake about it, these are all still important) in 2020 it’s realized that content is king.

For example, while a local homeowner may recognize that he needs a plumber to come to his home to resolve his backed-up toilets, your typical homeowner is looking for more.

Before shelling out $300 to bring a local plumber into his home, the same homeowner is much more likely to choose a plumbing company that advises him how to avoid calling a plumber in the first place.

He is most likely looking for blogs that tell the homeowner how to:

  • Replace parts in his toilets or faucets
  • How undo clogs in drains without caustic chemicals
  • How to check showerheads for issues
  • How to use thread tape
  • How to use heat to loosen difficult water pipe fittings
  • Common DIY plumbers tools you might need.

By regularly posting blogs on subjects such as DIY plumbing, how to buy a car, how to change your oil and brake pads in your car, how to maintain a lawnmower or how to buy a riding lawnmower, a local business can be of real service before a customer buys from you.

In fact, San Francisco SEO Company has significantly shifted gear and are teaching local businesses how to beat the pants out of national businesses. Roughly only about half of Fortune 500 companies have corporate blogs, and of those who do very few are actually really useful to the average customer.

On the other hand, San Francisco SEO company statistics report that local blogs generate up to 55 percent more website visitors.

In addition, 70 to 80 percent of customers ignore paid ads while they trust blogs. and here is the real kicker… nearly half of all customers read three or more blogs before engaging with a sales rep.

When asked to choose between 4 different brands, Search Engine Journal reported that 83.6 percent of potential customers reported they favored local companies that provided educational content, whether that content be in E-books, white papers, blogs, videos, or other long term content forms.

And after reading educational content, a week later, over half-remembered the brands that posted the educational content, and nearly 75 percent rated the brand as trustworthy and rated their experience with the brand as positive.

Consumers are 131 percent more likely to buy from a brand immediately after consuming educational content.

Unfortunately, most local businesses either consider themselves too busy or not creative enough to create compelling content. This is where local SEO companies step in.

Local SEO companies are experts at creating compelling content. They have people on staff that know exactly how to maximize a local blog that is tailored to those hungry customers dying for useful content.

It can be time-consuming and a challenge for local businesses to create their own compelling blogs. Meanwhile, the local SEO company has all the tools: writing ability, photography, mark-up schema, videographers, as well as experts at social media.

Go far beyond your competition by having a great SEO oompany lead you to the way of quaiity content.

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