Yubo: The Social Media App Prioritizing Authentic Connections for Gen Z

Social media usage is ingrained in Generation Z’s daily lives. For today’s youth, apps like Yubo foster genuine social connections across the globe.

Yubo is a live social discovery app created in Paris in 2015. It is an online space for Gen Z users to express themselves and interact with peers worldwide. Yubo’s founders aimed to build an app that mirrored the best facets of real-life interactions.

A 2022 Deloitte survey of over 22,000 people in 44 countries found social media integral to Gen Z’s routine. Only 10% of respondents preferred watching TV or movies during leisure time. However, 11% opted for scrolling social media, where Gen Z feels most like themselves.

Author Claire Madden asserts a slight separation between Gen Z’s online and offline worlds. Her research reveals some Gen Z have become desensitized to real-life happenings due to constant social media saturation about current events and pop culture.

For Gen Z seeking something different, Yubo eliminates the pressure to garner followers and likes. Without these traditional social media approval metrics, Yubo helps users connect genuinely. The app makes it easy to filter profiles by location and gender when swiping left or right on potential friends. Members can highlight hobbies and interests to showcase their authentic selves.

Yubo believes authentic connections build a more connected planet. By promoting community and belonging, the platform enables meaningful relationships beyond surface-level bonds. Users control the content they see and can instantly interact with others live on the app. Real-time engagement sets Yubo apart from competitors, requiring users to wait for replies or new posts.

“We’re all about real-time interactions,” explains Yubo’s CTO, Arthur Patora. “It’s essential for us to move fast because we try to make sure that when we have an idea, we act on it by keeping it simple and testing it quickly.”

For Yubo’s founders, people prioritize content genuine connections over followers and real-time interactions over likes. The app recognizes performance without compromising work-life balance and treats all employees equally.

Online safety is Yubo’s number one priority. The app has three pillars ensuring users’ protection: prevention, detection, and moderation. Available on Android and iOS, Yubo aims to be a safe space for Gen Z to make new friends globally.

“For us, it’s important to make Yubo a safe place for young people to meet and interact online,” says Patora.

In an era of digital natives accustomed to lightning-fast technology, Yubo instantly lets users join livestreams, group chats, and virtual hangouts. The social discovery app empowers Gen Z to expand social circles from home.

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